Meet the Doctor

Dr. Siri Smith graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1982, after attending SUNY Buffalo. In 1982, she opened her practice at Park Avenue Chiropractic Center, NYC. In 1986, she moved to the Upper West Side and continued to develop a family based practice. 2002-2013 was spent living and practicing in Southern California and she has now returned home!

"I believe that health comes from within and that our bodies, given the right input, have a natural ability to heal. To manifest health, our bodies require 5 things: proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, attitude and a nervous system free of interference so it can control and coordinate the first 4! My mission is to get patients out of pain and lead them toward a healthier life, by finding the cause(s) of their ill health and removing/correcting it. By teaching them to make the best choices for a healthier life, they maximize their own healing capabilities.

“I grew up in a family of medical practitioners. Both my parents were widely respected pharmacists. Two of my brothers and two uncles are medical doctors. Three other siblings are also health professionals. I was raised taking medication for everything. My parents gave me antibiotics every time I sneezed! It lowered my resistance and as a result, my childhood consisted of infections, colds, and flus. I was sick all of the time. That all changed the day I met my chiropractor. He explained that the immune system could be strengthened with chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes. I began care and my resistance to illness immediately grew stronger. Since 1979, I have rarely been sick. That experience led me to my chiropractic career.”

In addition to pain relief and lifestyle changes, Dr. Siri specializes in family care and spinal bio-mechanics. She is skilled in the care of pregnant and new mothers, infants, children, student athletes and has extensive training in Pettibon Bio-Mechanics, a highly specialized and specific healing and rehabilitative technique. Dr. Siri is certified in Sacro-Occipital Technique and believes that our posture and spinal alignment are a strong determining factor in our body's natural ability to function and heal. Dr. Siri is known for her healing touch and caring female energy. She is deceivingly strong for her size and can take care of the biggest men or use her gentle techniques to heal small children and the elderly.

Dr. Siri gave birth to both her children at home in NYC in 1992 and 1994, and nursed each one for 2 1/2 years. She was featured in Family Life Magazine on the benefits of chiropractic care for children. She has been seen on Fox TV news as a chiropractic expert and on a NY cable TV show for women. Dr. Siri was the chiropractic consultant on Tom DiCillo's movie "Double Whammy". It starred Elizabeth Hurley, Denis Leary, Chris Noth and Steve Buscemi. She has taken care of many theater and soap stars, professional dancers, musicians, writers and TV personalities (and many of their children). She would love to take care of YOU!


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