You are a gift to have in my life, you have changed it. You have improved the quality of my every day and that of my husband and my grown up children. I, we have been blessed to have had many wonderful healers and great Chiropractors before moving to NYC and I was afraid I wouldn't find someone who could rival the clarity and depth of the Chiropractors from my past.

I am grateful to say I was wrong, and under your care we are all much healthier. The chronic structural issues I had been struggling with are resolved. I live pain free. And if I find myself a bit off, from carrying things too heavy or twisting the wrong way, I know to come right in to see you as soon as possible and my twists or injuries melt away in minutes under your brilliant care.

As a very active and somewhat athletic person who was never an athlete before, now in my late 50's, I'm structurally more sound then I could ever have imagined. I can run and I can play with great joy. Your light hearted but deeply compassionate, gentle and generous spirit complements your wisdom and skill. I thank you everyday and I want you to know. I don't think I have said it enough, Thank You for the quality of my life, I truly love you.  A.S.

 I’ve been to many (many) chiropractors and by far you are the best! You’ve shown such heartfelt caring, superb skill and deep intuition. Carol W.

Dr. Siri's attributes are too numerous to list. Her professionalism is exemplary and expertise as a chiropractic doctor is life changing. She was a critical part of my wellness team and truly the best listener for my needs. Virginia C.

Dr. Siri is small (in stature) but mighty! Her chiropractic experience is deep as well as broad; her touch strong, yet gentle. She is focused, efficient and generous with her time. Susan M.

How can I thank you for all that you have done for me? You are so kind and caring. You helped me get my life back!  J. Stein

You have been an inspiration to me in the field of health.  Dr. K. Lopes

Dr. Siri, you are the best chiropractor ever!  I love that you know my issues and problem areas before I do!  Suzy S.

I’ve been to over 20 chiropractors in my life and never had anyone as good and thorough as you are! Excellent!  Ivan N.

Dr. Siri is the best! She got me through 3 NYC marathons and now she is getting me through 2 kids!  Mary C.

Dr. Siri, you saved my life! Thank you for everything! Roberta S.

Thank you for your Dr. Siri ‘fixes’! Jo I.

Dr. Siri, my entire family is grateful for your care. Chris D.

Thank you for being the best chiropractor ever. Sandy S.

You are the best! Mad skills! Diane T.

You helped me so much with my back and knee. Thank you! Andrew F.

I feel so much looser in my body! I don't remember ever feeling like this! You have magic hands! Jen S.

You have helped me so much. You are the best!  L. Donigan

You have been my first and only chiropractor. Thank you so much for literally straightening out my back. Tricia M.

Chiropractic works when you're in the proper hands! Dr. Siri moved to CA and I've not had a satisfying or remedying experience since. Now that she's back in NY, get healthy and schedule an appointment! Why should I be one of the few that know this secret? Michael C.

Thank you for all you have done! You have healing hands. Adrienne B.

You have worked wonders for my neck and I appreciate your genuine care and concern. K. Reece

You have so helped our family through the years! M. McNeal

We are so thankful to have you! The Girls at The Dance Studio.

Thank you so much for all the times you have taken care of our family! Dawn L.

Thank you for taking great care of my family. H. Grant