Dr. Siri is passionate about providing outstanding, compassionate chiropractic care and lifestyle support, resulting in your best, healthy, pain-free self. From pain in your lower back to treating your sciatica, headaches, neck, arm, leg, TMJ pain, and more, Dr. Siri offers a unique solution to help you get out of pain and ensure your optimal health and wellness. 

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After five years of chronic nerve pain in my neck and shoulder, I thought my only recourse was long term pain management. Dr. Siri solved the problem in a few sessions and I am now nerve pain free.
— Dana S., TV Director
The chronic structural issues I had been struggling with are resolved. I live pain free. And if I find myself a bit off, I know to come right in to see you as soon as possible and my twists or injuries melt away in minutes under your brilliant care.
— Adina S., Artist & Teacher
Dr. Siri is the best! She got me through 3 NYC marathons and now she is getting me through 2 kids!
— Mary C., Executive Producer

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My practice is based on one thing that I am certain of- you were born to be healthy, not sick or in pain.

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about tru whole care

Tru Whole Care offers a wide range of specialties under one roof with one goal - your health. From nutrition to physical therapy, and of course, chiropractic, we tailor a plan for your individual health care needs.

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